Become a Volunteer

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Becoming a volunteer for an HRRG (NGO) is enticing for many reasons.

It is a way to give back to your community or support a cause you care about.  It is also a great way to meet new people, learn new skills or gain experience in a field you might like to work in.

If you are interested in human rights issues, international development or humanitarian aid, becoming a volunteer for HRRG  is especially attractive.

Here are some tips for becoming a volunteer for HRRG


HRRG FundRaiser campaigner is someone who selects a human rights project and carries out activities to raise funds or advocate support for the same. Read about our causes/projects to make a choice in this regard. We can’t wait to have you on board.

Click on join now to start your personal campaign for a project you are passionate about.

We know that by volunteering you are generously donating your time, skills and efforts. But a volunteer environment is still a workplace, and as such, you have certain responsibilities that must be upheld. And of course, you have rights as well!

The following list is the basis of your rights as a volunteer

You have the right:

  • To work in a healthy and safe environment (refer to your State’s Work Health and Safety Act[s]);
  • To be interviewed and employed in accordance with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation;
  • To be adequately covered by insurance;
  • To be given accurate and truthful information about the organisation for which you are working;
  • To be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation for which you are working;
  • To be given a copy of the organisation’s volunteer policy and any other policy that affects your work;
  • Not to fill a position previously held by a paid worker;
  • Not to do the work of paid staff during industrial disputes;
  • To have a job description and agreed working hours;
  • To have access to a grievance procedure;
  • To be provided with orientation to the organisation;
  • To have your confidential and personal information dealt with in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act 1988; and
  • To be provided with sufficient training to do your job.

 Before you start, you should check that:

  • The purpose of the organisation matches your own values and beliefs
  • Your role is clear and specific
  • Find out about our Mission, Values ETC on our site and others

So now that we have covered your rights, here are your responsibilities

All volunteers are expected to:

  • Respect confidentiality and privacy
  • Be punctual and reliable
  • Carry out the duties listed in your volunteer position description
  • Be accountable
  • Give notice if your availability changes or you are leaving the organisation
  • Report any injuries or hazards that you notice in the workplace
  • Adhere to the organisation’s policies and procedures
  • Deal with complaints in the appropriate manner
  • Undertake training as requested
  • Ask for support when needed
  • Support other team members

    Join our dedicated team of volunteers across Ghana in diverse fields with a big heart to serve humanity and help build a society without discrimination in Ghana. Welcome, Akwaaba, Woezor

    Terms of Participation
    • Read carefully, understand and observe our child protection policy
    • Help in our human rights advocacy, education and fundraising activities to help achieve our mission and visions
    • Respect confidentiality and privacy
    • Be punctual, reliable and carry out the duties listed in your volunteer position description
    • Give notice if your availability changes or you are leaving the organisation
    • Adhere to the organisation's policies and procedures
    • Support other team members and be an ambassador that is ready to champion human right issues